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Dr. Jill Steiner Sanko is an assistant professor and the Academic and Research Director of Simulation at the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies. Dr. Sanko is a graduate of University of Florida where she earned her BA in Anthropology, Rush University where she earned her BS in nursing, University of Maryland where she earned a MS in nursing, and University of Miami where she completed her PhD. She is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, an Advanced Certified Simulation Educator (CHSE-A), and a Fellow of the Academy of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. She is also a certified Friday Night at the ER (FNER) Team Learning Simulation Leader and an invited member of Breakthrough Learning’s network of expert program leaders for FNER.

     Her research interests include the intersection of simulation-based inter-professional team education to improve patient safety.  She has been involved in teaching and researching the impacts of simulation-based education on teamwork, patient safety, and communication for over a decade and has authored a number of articles and book chapters in these areas and has presented nationally and  internationally on her work.

     Dr. Sanko is an active member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and has served on several high-profile committees including the planning committee for IMSH2018. Locally her service work includes serving on a number of committees in the Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance and on committees in the University of Miami. Dr. Sanko is the recipient of several honors and recognitions for her work in patient safety and simulation. She is avid supporter of simulation-based education and works to provide evidence to support the use of simulation to improve healthcare teams, teamwork, and interprofessional communication to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety.

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