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NECPA IPEC Collaborative  Care Summit - 2019

Learner Page


We are delighted that you will be attending the 9th annual NECPA IPEC Collaborative Care Summit. This page will provide all the information you will need to make this a successful event. As noted in our email communication to you, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the event for registration.  We encourage you to leave plenty of time for travel and to car-pool!

Program Objectives:

  • Demonstrate interprofessional collaboration in the direct care of a patient.

  • Communicate with team members regarding each person’s role for the patient in the context of their training and profession.

  • Readily change roles and assume responsibilities best suited for a situation based on professional scope of practice.

​​Information for Learners

Before the summit, you might like to review the student-created videos which describe the various professions that was created for the 4th annual summit ! 

An Overview of the Health Professions


This guide was created by the NECPA IPEC.  It describes the various professionals involved in the summit.  This will provide some background on the various students that you may meet at the Summit.  Click on the link to the left to download!


Click on the button to the  left to get directions to your site.  In some cases, the directions may  double as a parking pass, so read carefully.   The directions will also tell you specifically where to report on the day of the summit.

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