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  1. Faculty and Professional Staff From Marywood University, The Commonwealth Medical College and The University of Scranton Collaborate to Develop an Interprofessional Education Curriculum Using Simulation. Presenting Author: John Szarek, The Commonwealth Medical College,
  2. A Required Interprofessional Clerkship for Fourth Year Medical Students at The Commonwealth Medical College. Presenting Author: Edward Foote, The Commonwealth Medical College,
  3. Facilitation of Interprofessional Education Among Student Health Professionals Using Human Patient Simulation. Presenting Author: Scott Bolesta, Wilkes University,
  4. Physical Therapist and Physician Knowledge of Low Back Pain Management.
    Presenting Author: Michael Ross, The University of Scranton,
  5. IPE@TCMC.  Presenting Author: John Szarek,
    The Commonwealth Medical College,
  6. Building Interprofessional Education Across All Aspects of PA Education. 
    Presenting Author: Diana Easton, King's College,
  7. A Prescriber-Based Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) For Pharmacy Students.  Presenting Author: Kristen Billek, Wilkes University,
  8. Student Perceptions of an Interprofessional Experience in a Clinic Setting.  Presenting Author: Kimberly Ference, Wilkes University,
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