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NECPA IPEC Collaborative Care Summit - 2017

Facilitator Page

Thank you again for Agreeing to be a facilitator at the Collaborative Care Summit.  This page will provide all the information you will need to make this a successful event.  As noted in our email communication to you, a brief orientation will occur before the start of the summit.  You will be directed where to go for the orientation when you arrive. 

The student learning objectives for the summit are to:

  1. Consider and discuss the individual perspectives and interests of patients struggling with obesity.

  2. Discuss the role of bias and stereotype as it applies to health care for patients with obesity. 

  3. Discuss the impact of obesity on individual and population health and the role of healthcare professionals on improving the health of patients with obesity and communities.

  4. Discuss how different patients and healthcare professionals approach issues from their own perspectives and the importance of the individual roles and responsibilities in forming a collaborative team that provides comprehensive and patient-centered care.  

  5. Discuss the importance of communication and collaboration across health disciplines in order to clarify responsibilities, integrate clinical evidence, and provide coordinated care.  

  6. Identify challenges and opportunities in communicating with patients and across health disciplines in a way that is clear, respectful, sensitive, diplomatic and understandable.

Information for Facilitators
Important!  Facilitator Guide (Case study with directed questions and answers).


This is THE critical document!  This documents contains the case and facilitator guide.  Click on the image to the left and download this case.  You should review prior to the Summit.  Bring a copy with you to the Summit.​

Keep in mind, each small group will contain a different "assortment" of professional students.  So as a facilitator, you need to be prepared to fill in sometimes. 

Short Intoductory Video for Facilitators.


The entire video is just 7 min and 30 seconds and involves 2 videos.  

Facilitator Training Module

This brief (18 minute) module to familiarize facilitators with "best practices" of small group facilitation.  The file can be finicky and won't play just by clicking.  To view, click on the image to  the left and then download to your desktop.   Then open the file.  Adobe Reader 9.0 is required.  

An Overview of the Health Professions


This guide was created by the NECPA IPEC.  It describes the various professionals involved in the summit.  This will provide the facilitator a greater ability to understand the various students so that they can be more fully involved in the discussion.  Click on the image to the left.


Click on the button to the  left to get directions to your site.  In some cases, the directions may  double as a parking pass, so read carefully.   The directions will also tell you specifically where to report (building/room etc).

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